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When to Hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer in Columbus

These days, it pays to fight every ticket

When you calculate the potential costs of a traffic offense — the fines, the penalty points, the increase in insurance premiums, the potential loss of your license — it becomes clear that you’ve got to fight every ticket. Even if you don’t get a ticket completely dismissed, you might be able to qualify for a diversion program, so there’s no record of the offense, or bargain down the offense, the fine and the points. But simply showing up in court and hoping the officer who cited you skips the hearing is not a winning strategy. To successfully fight your ticket, you’ve got to have solid advice and strong representation from an experienced traffic violation lawyer. At Luckett Law Office, we’ve been helping Ohioans defeat traffic tickets for more than 30 years. We are determined to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

The cost of a ticket over time

You’re late for work one day, and your foot gets a little heavy on the gas pedal. You roll through a stop sign, carefully enough, but an officer pulls you over and writes you a ticket worth two points on your license. Frustrating, but the fine isn’t going to break you, and you don’t have time to go to court and fight. You pay the fine, figuring you’re a safe driver and if you keep your record clean, the points will be removed before any more accumulate.

Then, a month later, you have your worst day ever on the road. Stress has been piling up at work, and your mind is on your job as you fail to observe the yellow light ahead. Thinking you’ve got time, you accelerate, entering the intersection just after the light turns red. Again, there’s an officer watching and you get stopped. He cites you for speeding, running a red light and, because a bicyclist was about to cross the intersection when you entered, reckless driving. Those citations amount to eight penalty points, bringing your total to 10, so you’re teetering on the verge of suspension.

Now that two-point ticket you didn’t fight is looming very large. If you’d gotten that dismissed, you could go into court with a safe-driver record and make a case for reducing the charges you’re currently facing. But because you didn’t fight that first ticket, you’re on weak ground fighting your current tickets. The fines are going to set you back many hundreds of dollars, and those points are going to haunt you for a long time. But the worst loss over time could be the increased cost of your auto insurance premiums.

Why you should hire an attorney to fight every ticket

Because you never know what the future holds, you have to fight every ticket. Never give the authorities a free pass; make them prove their case in court. But don’t go alone. Hire an experienced traffic violation attorney who knows how to fight, and how to:

  • Get tickets dismissed
  • Qualify drivers for a diversion program that results in no points
  • Get infractions reduced
  • Get fines reduced
  • Get penalty points reduced

If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket, there are ways to fight. But, simply going into court and hoping the officer doesn’t show is not a strategy. At Luckett Law Office, we have extensive experience in court presenting cases to judges and negotiating with prosecutors. Even when certain facts are against you, we can often deliver favorable results that save you money and help you keep you license.

Contact a knowledgeable Columbus attorney to fight your traffic ticket

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