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Juvenile Law


Nothing is more important than your child’s future.  Being charged with an offense while a juvenile can have long term implications for their adult lives.  If your child has been charged with an offense, please contact us to make sure that you and your child understand the process and implications of being involved in the Juvenile Court system.  Mr. Luckett has practiced in Franklin County’s Juvenile Court since 1989.  As a juvenile, even minor traffic offenses carry very serious ramifications, which can include mandatory license suspensions.  Please contact us today to discuss your child’s matter with one of our attorneys.

Common Juvenile Law Matters

  • Traffic Offenses, Speeding Tickets, Moving Violations, and License Suspensions
  • Underage Consumption and Possession of Alcohol/Drugs
  • Criminal Offenses, Delinquency Offenses
  • Juvenile Theft Offenses
  • Offenses involving the school
  • Unruly, Truancy, Abuse, Neglect, Dependency