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Civil Litigation

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil matters generally involve a suit of a person vs. a person, or a company vs. a company, as opposed to criminal matters, in which the State is acting in enforcing the criminal code.  Civil suits seek either money damages, or a court order to force or prohibit actions.  If you are being sued and need advice or if you believe you may have a civil claim against another person, company, or state entity please contact our offices today.

Common Civil Matters

  • PERSONAL INJURY: Car Accidents, Assaults, Wrongful Death
  • CONTRACT DISPUTES:  Leases, Construction, Sale of Goods
  • LEASES AND REAL ESTATE: Residential Landlord /Tenant Matters, Commercial leases, Land Purchase Contracts, Real Estate Transfers
  • INSURANCE CLAIMS:  Homeowner, Car, Medical, Fire
  • PROPERTY MATTERS:  Car Damage, Boundary Disputes, Stolen Property