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Columbus Defense Lawyer Fights Speeding Tickets Throughout Ohio

Experienced advocate defends your rights and your license

Being pulled over for speeding can be frustrating, especially when you watch all those other cars whiz by a light as the officer writes your ticket. Unfortunately, “everybody speeds” is not a defense you can use in court. But there may be other ways to beat your ticket or at least reduce the fine you have to pay and avoid some of the penalty points. For more than 30 years, Luckett Law Office has provided determined defense for motorists in Central Ohio. We know which court strategies work and which don’t and can help you obtain the best outcome possible in light of the facts. Don’t simply pay a speeding ticket that will result in penalty points: those points will drive up the cost of your insurance and push you closer to a license suspension. Let us fight your ticket and protect your rights.

The penalties for speeding in Ohio

Traffic ticket fines are not uniform throughout Ohio. The county courts set the schedule for fines on speeding tickets, so the penalty can be very different depending on where you are cited. Fines tend to range from $150 to $500 depending on how fast you were going relative to the posted limit. Fines are doubled in construction zones.

However, the state sets the penalty points for speeding as follows:

  • Speeding at six to 29 mph over the limit in a below 55 mph zone— Two points
  • Speeding at 11 to 29 mph over the limit in a zone at or above 55 mph— Two points
  • Speeding at 30 mph or more over the limit in any zone — Four points

But more important than penalty points is whether your speeding infraction constitutes a crime. Most speeding offenses are minor misdemeanors, so there is no jail time and the maximum penalty is $150. However, excessive speeding or repeat offenses can be charged as fourth-degree or third-degree misdemeanors.

If you are cited for speeding, the speed the officer writes you up for can be the difference between a fine and actual jail time. But other circumstances matter too, as you might be charged with additional traffic offenses. If you are not the only car speeding, the officer might cite you for drag racing. If in the officer’s opinion your speed put others at risk, you could also be cited for reckless operation. It’s a good policy to fight every traffic ticket, but when the charges pile up, that’s really when you need to hire a traffic violations lawyer.

Beating your Ohio speeding ticket

There are strategies an attorney can use to defeat a speeding ticket or at least get a reduction in the citation. First, challenging the officer’s assessment of your speed is critically important. If the officer estimated your speed by pacing (following your car at a set distance to match your rate of speed), we can ask numerous questions about that process to raise doubt about accuracy. If the officer used a radar gun, we can inquire about its maintenance and calibration. If you only have a layman’s understanding of how pacing and radar work, you’re not in a position to challenge your ticket as aggressively as necessary. However, an experienced speeding ticket attorney has that knowledge and can often deliver a favorable outcome.

Contact an experienced Columbus attorney to fight your speeding ticket

Luckett Law Office capably defends drivers from speeding charges throughout Central Ohio. Our office is conveniently located at 24 North High Street, just one block away from the Ohio Statehouse in the heart of downtown Columbus. To schedule a free consultation, call 614-721-2949 or contact our office online.