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“Drunk Driving” & Traffic Defense


OMVI / DUI / DWI – “Drunk Driving”

In Ohio the legal term for “drunk driving” is used for Operation of a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs.  The offense is also commonly referred to as OMVI or DWI.  Different municipalities may word it differently, but OVI in the State of Ohio is a serious offense with serious penalties.  Luckett Law Office is very experienced in the handling of OVI cases and can help you negotiate the questions regarding license suspensions, jail time, fines, fees, and other possible penalties associated with such an offense.  Call us to make sure all of your rights are protected.

Traffic Offenses

Luckett Law Office is able to assist you with any driving or licensing issues you may have.  We handle charges such as: Driving Under Suspension, Operation without a Valid License, Reckless Operation, Hit-Skip offenses, as well as common speeding tickets and basic moving violations such as stop signs or failure to signal.  Traffic violations in the State of Ohio can accumulate on your license and lead to suspension of your license.  If you have been charged with a traffic offense, please call our offices today.  We can help get the right result.